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To answer this properly- Lets look at it from the perspective of – how much of your hard earned money will the utility company charge you over the years to keep the power on.

Everything we’ve seen historically is telling us that the cost of electricity will double every 8 to 10 years.

That’s money on the fire and will leave you guessing on how much you’ll need to pay month to month- with TSP your system cost will remain the same, putting you in control of your electricity, protecting your family from grid failures and keeping your money in your bank account!

Bonus : you own the equipment, the power it produces and say Bye to that electric bill!

Roof Replacements are covered by you homeowners insurance, we will coordinate with your insurance and roofing company to come remove the panels – the roofing company will come re-roof your house- and we will return to install the system as it was- power it up getting you back to producing and saving your money.

These solar panels are designed with ballistics in mind- outdoor rated and proficient against the elements, Hail, heat, water and pressure.

With over 20,000 panels installed in the last 5 years we have had less than 10 be damaged by hail- also covered by Homeowners insurance or a simple warranty replacement will resolve the problem and get you back online.

Fortunately, even if the panel glass were to be damaged in the event of catastrophic hail, belive it or not, they will still produce and end up protecting the roof from the elements.

Our tier 1 panels have production warrantees for 25 years- depending on who your lender partner is the warranty can be extended to 30 years.

With state of the art Mono crystalline technology – the aggregation rate is less than .04% after the second full year of direct sunlight.

Our tier 1 Panels will produce upwards of 40 years before you would need to consider a replacement.

That’s Okay! We’ve got you (and your roof) covered! We can build out your system to perfectly cover just what you need and reduce excess power sent to the utility company- better yet outfitting your system with a battery to store for night time usage (only because we don’t have lunar panels yet) and protect your household from grid failure or rate hikes.


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